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Australian owned and operated, Boxly knows convenient storage.

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Boxly delivers storage boxes free
Boxly picks up your packed boxes and securely stores them
Boxly returns your items on demand
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Using Boxly

Make more space in your life!

Running out of space on your bookshelf?

Running out of space on your bookshelf?

Winter wardrobe needs a home for summer?

Winter wardrobe needs a home for summer?

Extra equipment or sports gear need a safe place?

Extra equipment and boxes that need a safe place?

How it works

Keep things simple

Free box delivery to your door, retrieval any time.


Boxly Stack - 2 boxes (minimum)

$19.80 per month ($9.90 per box)


Additional Boxes

$9.90 per month


Boxes returned on demand

$25 for unlimited boxes, delivered to your door


Bulky Items

We also store bikes, skis, golf clubs and luggage, starting from $4.90 per month

We won't charge you for 2 weeks. Plenty of time for delivery, packing and collection of your boxes. Organised before 2 weeks is up? No worries, we won't charge you for storage until 2 weeks has expired.

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Only pay for the space you need. Boxly is cheaper than even the smallest self-storage unit. Unless you are filling the unit to the brim, you are paying for space you are not using!

Plus, with Boxly there are no deposits, no contract fees and no additional costs.

Forget the time and expense of driving to collect your stuff, we do all the moving around for you.


You can relax knowing your stuff is safe, and only one click away from being delivered to your door.

All boxes are secured with tamper-proof seals, so you know you are the only one accessing it.

Our facility is ultra-secure. Boxly partners with state of the art professional storage facilities, providing 24/7 surveillance, fire and flood protection, and secure, monitored alarm systems.


No more hassle. We bring empty boxes to you, and collect them when packed. Boxly provides easy to pack boxes: no more cardboard and tape, we do all the heavy lifting.

Manage your boxes online, and schedule a delivery when you need one.

We deliver your boxes back to your door on demand.

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