Boxly FAQ

The answers to the most frequently asked questions are below. If you have a question that doesn't appear below, please send us an email and we will endeavour to answer it.

    How big are your boxes?

Our box dimensions are:

  • 67cm long x 45cm wide x 32cm high
  • each box has a volume of 68 litres

    How do I decide how many boxes I should order? What if I need more / less?

Not problem at all. We charge based on boxes used. If you haven't used all of the boxes you will only be charged for the boxes you have used.

If you need more boxes let us know and we'll organise for more to be delivered.

    Is there a weight limit for each box?

Yes, each box can hold 20kg safely.

If you have heavy items they may need to be separated into multiple boxes.

    Can I use my own box?

No, we only accept Boxly boxes.

If there is a specific box you would like, please let us know by getting in touch here.

We are always working to improve our ability to serve your storage and lifestyle needs.

    How much notice do you need?

We need 24 hours notice for any transport request. We will do our best to accommodate requests with shorter lead times.

    How do I get my box(es) back?

You can request a delivery by navigating to the My Boxes page of our secure members' area. Just click on the box you want delivered, then on the black 'Schedule Delivery' button, and select a date and time that is convenient for you.

    Can I have my boxes shipped to a different address / city / country?

Your wish is our command!

Boxly will organise shipping to anywhere you would like. For a quote, please contact us here.

    How do I schedule a box pickup?

Easy, login here and go to 'My Boxes'.

    Can I drop off / pick up my boxes myself?

No. For both security and insurance purposes we only allow authorised personnel to access the storage facilities.

    Where is the driver? I organised a time and no one is here!

Unfortunately, there can be delays due to circumstances beyond our control. While we make our best effort to contact you in advance please let us know here and we will find out why there has been a delay.

    How much does it cost?


  • Four boxes (our minimum) is $36 / month (inc GST)
  • Additional boxes are $9 / month (inc GST)

Pickups and Dropoffs

Box returns are charged at $25 per trip for unlimited boxes

    How much do your boxes cost?

We don't charge for our boxes separately - it is included in the storage fee.

Unfortunately we don't sell boxes for use at home.

    Do you have any discounts?

We may be able to offer volume discounts for large commercial storage. Email for more information.

    Security and Insurance
    How do I make sure my box is secure?

Each Boxly box has security holes which are used to secure the box with the security zip ties provided with the boxes (each zip tie has a unique serial number).

Note: We won't open your box without your consent, or unless we are legally required to do so.

    Will my boxes be secure?

The security of your property is our #1 concern.

Each box is secured with uniquely numbered security ties, so you can be assured they haven't been opened when they are returned to you.

We partner with state-of-the-art professional storage facilities:

  • 24/hour surveillance
  • fire and flood protection
  • security monitoring and alarm systems

    Do you offer insurance for my boxes and stored items?

In transit and at our warehouse, your boxes are protected for $500 each (at no additional cost to you).

In order to make a claim you must upload your inventory list when your box is picked up (we'll help you with this when we pick up your boxes) and notify us of a claim within 5 business days of the item being returned.

To make a claim, contact us at and we will help you with paperwork and process.

    Update Information
    What if I want to cancel my order?

No problem, we will organise a time to deliver your boxes and you will only be billed for the remaining period (i.e. if you are part way through a month, you will not be billed for the next month).

    How do I update my billing information?

Please contact us here and we will get in touch to update you billing information.

    How do I update my contact information?

Once logged in, you can update your contact information on the 'My Account' page.

Click here to login.

    Is Boxly available in my city?

Boxly is currently available in Melbourne metro area with plans to expand to other Australian & New Zealand cities very soon! Contact us here for more information about your city.

    What time are you open?

You can contact the Boxly office by phone or email 8am - 10pm Monday to Friday.

We deliver empty boxes, return full boxes and pick up full boxes between 7am and 7pm each day.

To request a new box, retrieve a box from storage, or organise a pickup, login to the members' portal by clicking here

    Something doesn't work!

Reach out to us here and we'll sort it out!

    My account doesn't work!

Reach out to us here and we'll sort it out!